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Welcome to the Black Soldier Fly Farming Blog. Here we will keep you up to date on our latest developments with our BSF farming experience. Latest Black Soldier Fly Farming blog post below.

The document below is the easiest way I found to hatch BSF Pupae. Feel free to share this link.

Direct link to document - Here


Hatching BSF Pupae Document

Wow looks like an early start this year with our first egg clusters found on the 2nd October 2014. The Australian summer begins in December and runs through January and February. 

Today is the 8th and haven't yet seen any larvae but I did find a couple more clusters and even caught a Garden Soldier fly in the egg trap. This egg trap Has been my most successful and simplest yet. As you can see all you need is a bucket and some scraps. I filled the bottom of the bucket with some rotting chicken feed, cut a hole in the side and put a lid on it. That's it! Hanging the bucket off the ground helps keep ground critters away from your BSF egg trap too.



Black soldier fly larvae, an alternative for Aquaculture

The University of Sydney is running a study focused on using Black Soldier Fly Larvae as an alternative food for aquaculture. Jason Wu is currently researching BSFL at the university of Sydney and was kind enough to share with us his paper. Below is his paper "Black soldier fly larvae, an alternative for Aquaculture". The paper outlines the need for an alternative food source in aquaculture with lots of facts and great references.

Please feel free to comment on the paper in the comments below or on the forum.

The much awaited FilterBug Blueprint is finally here

The FilterBug is built from easily sourced materials, its sturdy and convenient. People from all over the world have googled it and many forum posts on this site and others have mentioned it; so we thought how about make it even better. Thanks to our member PeteB and his AutoCad skills we now have an easy to follow guide to build an even better FilterBug. We worked together to improve the prototype, correcting some of its flaws and added a couple extra features. The blue print takes all the guess work and calculations away and will let you start building immediately. Please download and share this blueprint for free and start tuning your scrap food into high quality chicken feed in your yards everywhere. If you want to thank us, please come back and show off your completed unit on the forum.

Why are you giving this away for free?
Because we love flies and composting.

Download the PDF here

View the original prototype image gallery here

FilterBug BSF Self Harvesting Composting Unit BluePrint

Our BSF on the MAP has undergone a complete rebuild. With a growing number of Black Soldier Fly sightings and huge community interest we decided to make an even better map. 

BSF on the MAP where you can see where bsf exist


Why The MAP?

The map is here so people all over the world can see where exactly BSF exist. It will help people see if BSF are already in their area or if there is a local BSF provider to help them get started composting using the Soldier Fly. 

Until now worms have done a great job in yards all over the world composting scraps into a usable products and we hope it continues. BSF composting is just another form of composting that can really help reduce food waste into usable products in super fast forward speed.

Have you seen Soldier Flies in your area?

We are discovering every day more and more types of soldier flies. The Black Soldier Fly is the main player which is why we put more focus on it but there are quite a few different species of the soldier fly we are only just learning about. For example Australia has a local Soldier Fly known as the Garden Soldier Fly. Who knows you may even end up naming your local Soldier Flies.

If you have seen Soldier Flies in your area we would love it if you included them on the map with images and location details. If you are unsure you can still ask on the forum by uploading a few pics for answers.

Visit the forum

The Black Soldier Fly Forum is now Tapatalk compatible

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See it in action on this video

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Happy posting

Hello All

By now if you got your bins ready early or mid October you should start seeing some grubs in your bsf composting bins. 

If you haven't started yet don't worry the season is only just beginning. Last year I didn't start till december and still had 3 fully working bins by the end of february even considering it was sydneys worst summer since forever.

See my first grubs this year in this video.