Our BSF on the MAP has undergone a complete rebuild. With a growing number of Black Soldier Fly sightings and huge community interest we decided to make an even better map. 

BSF on the MAP where you can see where bsf exist


Why The MAP?

The map is here so people all over the world can see where exactly BSF exist. It will help people see if BSF are already in their area or if there is a local BSF provider to help them get started composting using the Soldier Fly. 

Until now worms have done a great job in yards all over the world composting scraps into a usable products and we hope it continues. BSF composting is just another form of composting that can really help reduce food waste into usable products in super fast forward speed.

Have you seen Soldier Flies in your area?

We are discovering every day more and more types of soldier flies. The Black Soldier Fly is the main player which is why we put more focus on it but there are quite a few different species of the soldier fly we are only just learning about. For example Australia has a local Soldier Fly known as the Garden Soldier Fly. Who knows you may even end up naming your local Soldier Flies.

If you have seen Soldier Flies in your area we would love it if you included them on the map with images and location details. If you are unsure you can still ask on the forum by uploading a few pics for answers.

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