The much awaited FilterBug Blueprint is finally here

The FilterBug is built from easily sourced materials, its sturdy and convenient. People from all over the world have googled it and many forum posts on this site and others have mentioned it; so we thought how about make it even better. Thanks to our member PeteB and his AutoCad skills we now have an easy to follow guide to build an even better FilterBug. We worked together to improve the prototype, correcting some of its flaws and added a couple extra features. The blue print takes all the guess work and calculations away and will let you start building immediately. Please download and share this blueprint for free and start tuning your scrap food into high quality chicken feed in your yards everywhere. If you want to thank us, please come back and show off your completed unit on the forum.

Why are you giving this away for free?
Because we love flies and composting.

Download the PDF here

View the original prototype image gallery here

FilterBug BSF Self Harvesting Composting Unit BluePrint