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Welcome to the Black Soldier Fly Farming Blog. Here we will keep you up to date on our latest developments with our BSF farming experience. Latest Black Soldier Fly Farming blog post below.

I originally built this black soldier fly self harvesting compost bin using a bunch of glues, plastic off-cuts, waterproofing, foamafill, silicone, pvc pipe etc for the ramp but it was falling apart and the larvae were getting caught under the waterproofing and between the cracks. The design itself worked great, the larvae loved living in it and munched kilos of food scraps daily but it had issues and needed a rebuild. I decided to gut it all out, saved nothing but the filter and rebuild the ramp out of concrete. Fingers crossed it works well this time round.

I have recently been in contact with Paul Olivier who originated the concept of the Biopod. Paul provided me a link to an essay he wrote titled “Sustainable and Diversified Agriculture – Not Optional but Absolutely Necessary”.


Making Waste our Greatest Resource. The essay talks about a global food crisis, waste transformation, types of waste and methods to convert it. The importance of recycling our waste and much more. Tons of info compressed into 10 pages full of big ideas, concepts and solutions, this essay is a must read.


The article is a work in progress so I could not post the whole article but here is a short extract and a link to the document for your reading.

Gavin smiths biopods at the Addison Road Centre Marrickville

From Essay

“In addition to making some tough choices aimed at limiting population growth, we must look for solutions that address core issues relating to sustainability. A process can only be viewed as sustainable insofar as the waste it generates is transformed and returned to that process.

Therefore, the key to the sustainable production of food lies in the transformation of all of the waste surrounding the production, preparation and consumption of food – rigorously coupled to the return of all transformed products back to agriculture (in the broad sense). Put in the simplest of terms: if it comes from agriculture, it has to go back to agriculture.”


It doesn't take much to hatch bsf pupae into adult black soldier flies. These BSF pupae hatched into adults as they were stored in a bucket in the shed. A little warm weather is all that's required.

BSF castings from a bin that has been out of action for 6 months. This is pretty much ready to use as compost directly in your garden or use for seedlings

Its spring in Australia and the soldier flies are hatching so I'm starting my Filterbug BSF compost bin.

Here are the videos

Short update to show the WORMS

September is the first month of spring in Australia and I have noticed many soldier fly pupae in my worm bins either raise to the top or escape through the bottom before looking for a comfy place where they can hatch into adult Soldier Flies. Most Soldier Flies coming out of my worm bins are the Australian version of the Black Soldier Fly known as Garden Soldier Flies. I can only tell this if i have seen them after they hatch because their pupae and larvae are identical to the BSF and do the same job as far as we know. 

Garden Soldier Fly Gallery

Black Soldier Fly Gallery

So if you're in Australia now is a good time to get your Black Soldier Fly composting bins built and ready to attract those soldier flies.

Tips attracting the Black Soldier Fly

  • They are easy to attract but not as easy as attracting the common house fly so avoid using meats, and dairies because they will quickly be infested with housefly larvae.
  • Add Heaps of fruit and veggies to your diet and collect the scraps for your BSF composting bin
  • Spoil yourself with filter coffees, use the coffee grounds in your compost bin
  • Put your BSF compost bin in a shady spot and keep it covered but make sure it has access for the soldier flies to entre. keeping it covered will help keep the moisture levels up which is good for composting in general.
  • Don't let your scraps dry up, spay them daily or as often as required to keep them a little wet.
  • have plenty of cardboard cuts or shredded paper directly above or on your scraps for the soldier flies to lay their eggs on.

Bin Selection

The easiest bin to build would be the bucket bin

But if you have a little more time on your hands, a small budget (about $100 for Ply, Gloss, gapfill, wood) and some DIY skills I recommend the Filter Bug. Its off the ground good for your back and access, easy access to collection buckets and excess leachate bucket and has a little storage area to keep your tools.

Starting a BSF composting bin watch the video



After ant-proofing you may need to collect the ants left on the wrong side of the ant proofing. collecting them without killing them is easy, just use an old paint brush. It will collect them just like a duster collects dust.