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BSF Larvae not crawling out but most are already dark in color

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4 weeks 17 hours ago #5018 by samtiyo87
Good day all, I am new to BSF breeding and I am trying to establish a colony for my chickens. I first saw the BSF mama in my bin on the 20th Oct and after a week and a couple of days, I found larvae inside. I've been feeding them a mixture of chicken feed and water. Whenever i dig into the feed to look at them, I find more and more of them are turning dark in color. The mixture is moist, maybe 40% moist but it's never dry as i spray some water to keep it moist. Our weather here has been between 25 to 35 Degrees Celsius, I am in central Africa.
It's been almost 20/19 days, if we assume they hatched on the 24 or 25. They're in a lunch box that other larvae (God knows what insects they'll turn into) have been able to crawl out of so I'm guessing it can't be because it's too high. Shouldn't they start crawling out by now? Or are they not ready yet? Is the feed too dry that they've decided to stay there? Do i need to add more food? I am actually scared of feeding them because the last ones I had I got from my bin that had rotting fruit and veggies, put them in a container with feed that was almost 80% wet and they burrowed inside but the next morning, I found them all on top of the feed, motionless. Only two were moving and it stayed that way all day, so I fed them to my chickens.
I want these to survive, I have quite a number.
The pics in the links show my larvae and the feed/substrate they are in right now. I took them on my phone, they're all bigger than the max size allowed so I've uploaded them. Sorry for the inconvenience.
feed + substrate: ibb.co/gsfHqL

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