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Composting with Black Soldier Flies

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Nature's own ultimate food recyclers, BSF have proven to be a great summertime composting solution.

The BSF larvae will eat kilograms of scrap food a night in small composting units, eliminating your food waste before it can even begin to rot.

Black Soldier Fly larvae do more than just eat waste.

When they are done eating your food waste, they will harvest themselves into buckets and let you feed them to your chooks, pigs, ducks, birds and fish. You name it. High in protein and fat they could become a main ingredient in future animal feeds.

On average a household will produce a little under a kg of food waste per day. This food waste can be composted at home using black soldier fly larvae much much faster than worms can do it. 

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    • ok6901's Avatar
    • BSF Market Information
    • My name is Alan Ok and I live in South Korea. I am very new in this field and am interested in BSF(Black Soldier Fly) farming in Korea. So I would like to know the basic market information about BSF. 1) What kind of BSF Products we can sell in the market? like larvae, dried larvae? 2) How about market price of each product? 3) How about market volume of each product? 4) What could be our main market, customers, like feed for fishing, swine, etc.? 5) If I grow BSF and want to export to USA, is it possible? enough market? Or vice-versa(importing larvae, ..)? 6) How about economic benefits when you grow BSF in a certain scale? 7) Can you send me the commercial market analysis data if you have? Your advices would be highly appreciated.
    • In Black Soldier Fly Farming Forum / General BSF Discussions
    • GilBerholz's Avatar
    • BSF farm in Cambodia
    • Hello, Here is an introduction of my BSF farm in Cambodia and my company Co-Prot. We believe South East Asia and Cambodia in particular are very suitable for commercial BSF production. We plan to process the BSFL into protein meal for animal feed and fat. We are looking forward to cooperate with other BSF farms in the region and create a strong network of knowledge and supply chain. For more information, investor relations and cooperation This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. \n [video] Introduction Film
    • In Black Soldier Fly Farming Forum / BSF Breeding
    • comsolving's Avatar
    • Biodiesel from BSF
    • The best market is at the moment a replacement of fisch and chickenfeed That is the best price at the moment and till now noboddy have the money to setup plants large scale When this market is developt other ways of using them are possible they study it all at the moment But they don't breed grubs and don't know how It is maybe better to look if it is possible to make biodiesel from the dead fly's we have manny when we breed They are allready dry and useless For breeding large scale we need miljoens of fly's and they all die at a moment and stay behind They walk around in cirkels and don't have the whole picture There isn't anny study that look at the value of the dead fly Only for the grubs and the dead fly is wast again It is strange that big companies who are schrinking in capacity what to build next do not develop this Governments spend miljoens to give people a new job that are not there But they don't spend money on this big opportunity ( or we don't pusch hard enough ) Noboddy here is having the power to raise funds for a big project It is like having 10 chickens in the backjard laying eggs you can see it is profiteble but only on large scale To live from you need 100.000 chickens
    • In Black Soldier Fly Farming Forum / General BSF Discussions
    • greent's Avatar
    • Biodiesel from BSF
    • The point is that from a business perspective there is nothing to be gained in diverting resources to extract the fats from BSF. Of course there are other products including protein that have value. Indeed, this is where the focus should be, not on biofuel production. It is important to keep in mind that from a business perspective the investment in time and money relative to the return on the investment must be factored in the decision process of which products are of greatest value and worthy of pursuit. If anyone really believes the energy, cost and time of processing 10 metric tons of food scrap to recover 450 Kg of larvae (dry weight) from which one can extract under the best of circumstances ~175 L (about 46 gallons) of fat is worth pursuing, they should give it a try. It will however prove a tough road to travel. There is by no stretch of the imagination a significant return on the cost of extracting fat from the BSF grown off of the waste. How would one pay for the process. Since the fat extracted from the larvae doesn't pay its way, where is the value in doing this? To raise BSF for biofuel amounts to having to subsidize that aspect through the sale of other byproducts recovered in raising BSF (protein, for example). Revenue from the latter would have to cover the loss incurred in producing the biofuel. From a business perspective it would be better to increase the margin on the growth of BSF by not engaging in biofuel production given the poor return relative to the cost and effort involved.
    • In Black Soldier Fly Farming Forum / General BSF Discussions

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