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Composting with Black Soldier Flies


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Nature's own ultimate food recyclers, BSF have proven to be a great summertime composting solution.

The BSF larvae will eat kilograms of scrap food a night in small composting units, eliminating your food waste before it can even begin to rot.

Black Soldier Fly larvae do more than just eat waste.

When they are done eating your food waste, they will harvest themselves into buckets and let you feed them to your chooks, pigs, ducks, birds and fish. You name it. High in protein and fat they could become a main ingredient in future animal feeds.

On average a household will produce a little under a kg of food waste per day. This food waste can be composted at home using black soldier fly larvae much much faster than worms can do it. 

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    • marinos's Avatar
    • Simple BSF watering and humidity system
    • Hello all Just rebuilding my breeder box. Thought I give it another run this winter. I have given up on the monsoon rain maker and replacing it with a much simpler system that will need changing maximum twice a day. If I use a slightly larger bottle it will last 24 hours. The 2L bottle I used eventually lasted 19 hours. You can watch the video below. All you need is a terracotta saucer, a hessian bags and bottle of water. Oh and a fan. My breeder box is made from an old display fridge so im using the original fridge fan. Drill a couple holes in the bottom of the bottle and fill it with water. Cut a piece of hessian bag enough to fill the terracotta saucer and some to overhang it. Place the bottle on the hessian bag and place the hole thing above a fan. Watering hole for the BSF plus humidity 60% accomplished. Video
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    • HoneywoodRanch's Avatar
    • Getting BSF TO LAY EGGS
    • Would you mind showing how you combine the chicken mash, coffee grounds and coco fiber together inside the rubbermaid/sterlite container? Maybe photos or a video if it's not terribly inconvenient. Thanks! :) Quote: Quote: What do you use for bedding? If you're talking about what type of bedding I get the flies to lay eggs on? This is what I do to get my flies to lay eggs indoors. For a laying bin I use a plastic container such as Rubbermaid or Sterlite measuring approx 5" Wide x 7" Long x 3" high. I wanted something shallow so that the flies could fly in and out easily. I then fill the container up with a little moist coco fiber and moist chicken feed mixed with some used coffee grouds. My flies Love it and they start breeding like crazy!!! Make sure to keep it slightly moist but not soaking. The texture should be like damp potting soil. I spray it every once in a while wth a spray bottle filled with water. I do have some coragated cardboard things that some flies will lay eggs in but I find that most like to walk on the media in the laying bin and lay eggs right in it. The best part Is that it's nice and clean and it doesn't smell!! Also make sure that your flies have water to drink. I have a large sponge with clean water in a dish at all times and I also lightly mist them once or twice a day with water in a spray bottle to keep them hydrated. I find they live longer that way and the longer they live the more they will breed. Hope this helps :cheer:
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