Composting with Black Soldier Flies


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The BSF larvae will eat kilograms of scrap food a night in small composting units, eliminating your food waste before it can even begin to rot.Nature's own ultimate food recyclers, 
BSF have proven to be a great summertime composting solution.

Black Soldier Fly larvae do more than just eat waste.

When they are done eating your food waste, they will harvest themselves into buckets and let you feed them to your chooks, pigs, ducks, birds and fish. You name it. High in protein and fat they could become a main ingredient in future animal feeds.

On average a household will produce a little under a kg of food waste per day. This food waste can be composted at home using black soldier fly larvae much much faster than worms can do it. 

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    • christybaker111's Avatar
    • Feeding slaughterhouse waste to BSFL
    • Did y'all see this? It's from a really cool farm here in Georgia called White Oak Pastures. Most people would throw away slaughterhouse waste, but White Oak Pastures feeds those guts and intestines from their on-farm abattoir to BSFL, which their pastured chickens and turkeys devour, and then they fertilize the land with their feces. It is closed loop farming at its finest!
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    • bsfer's Avatar
    • feeding fish offal almost exclusively
    • Long time lurker here, I have couple of questions that I could not find answers for: 1) Max protein content of the feed. Would be a problem to feed bsfl fish offal almost exclusively? I.e. using fish heads, guts, and fish skeletons with meat on it - all ground with a meat grinder (to avoid bones in the future compost) as the main input with a regular household scraps (that would include veggie and fruit matters) making may be only 5% of the feed? 2) How much feed schedule irregularity can bsfl tolerate? Assuming I would have a colony large enough to feed the load of fish offal once a week without need to refrigerate or freeze it to spread it along the week, will the colony survive the remaining days of the week on household scraps only (i.e. about 100 times feed per day reduction)? The interest is to avoid creating of "bsfl yucky feed" section in the fridge or freezer.
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